Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunset dinner on the beach

Another amazing dinner and the kids were looking at a crab in the water. No one had the courage to pick it up,  myself included.  Jeff got to know a great group of teenagers on the trip and spent a bit of time hanging out with them off and on.
The sunset was amazing!

Plaka District

Jeff and Zach and I wandered around the historic shopping district.  Just below the Acropolis there are more ruins mingled into the souvenir shopping.  It was also Jeff and Zach's first experience with aggressive sales people.  Before I knew what happened I hear "mom" and these guys have bracelets tied around their wrists saying "peace and love, give from the heart"  We will laugh about that for years.



The Acropolis was incredible! Our tour guide gave us a good history lesson about it being built so as to be seen from the sea and seem larger the farther away you are.  To intimidate enemies.  Athens kept may conquerors at bay and because of this they built impressive structures to the gods. It has survived numerous earthquakes, but it once held artillary and gun powder and an enemy cannon blew the top off.  The smaller structure was built to the goddess Nike. The two larger to the goddess Athena.

Olympic Stadium

First stop on our city tour was the Olympic Stadium.

Garden and Zappio

Welcome to Greece dinner

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner the first night we arrived.  All different kinds of wonderful plates but the best thing was definately the Baklava on the dessert table.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Family Photos 2013


Danylle did a great job with our pictures this year, I loved the colors in the natural setting and photos are getting so much easier the older the kids get.
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